We believe in the spirit of the entrepreneur. We value the efforts of individuals who with willpower and determination harness the power of enterprise to create wealth. Their energy, drive, ambition, and creative force, whether deployed in commerce or public service, standing up and making things happen. This is the essence of a full rich life. That person is a founder and a creator; a person who attracts and organizes human endeavors, that person is a custodian of legacies long established, a rejuvenator of fortunes, a vibrant life force. At Commercial Trust, we believe in you.


Good decisions, made consistently, are a result of persistent questioning, of being engaged and focused on the issues, constraints, and options surrounding each set of circumstances.

Approaching each client case with not only a standard set of analytical tools, but the imagination to think and craft bespoke solutions that are as vibrant and unique as our clients. It’s the hallmark of Commercial Trust.

We believe in the spirit, energy, and vibrancy of entrepreneurs. We believe in people who dare to build a business foundation, and push their boundaries to the far reaches of the world. We believe in people who embrace culture and language, who understand that business, investment and commerce is the universal tie that binds the world together. Vibrant, rich, old, new, the spicy and the bland – your globe is out there, Commercial Trust is involved, make your journey a success.


Beijing on Monday, Hong Kong on Tuesday. Hop the next flight to Frankfurt on the way to New York. Check Buenos Aires before responding to Mumbai and Singapore. It’s the people, places, resources and activities that make up your world. By design. With thoughtfulness, calculation, and daring.

Its wealth in action, deployed into operating businesses, global structures, financial instruments, holdings, and trading positions. It’s your sons and daughters, and the generations of your family. It’s your partners and employees, your banks, brokers, advisors and agents. It’s Commercial Trust.

Managing relationships as complex as lawyers and accountants, or as simple as a driver or concierge. It’s about knowing regulations, and tax issues in multiple jurisdictions, crossing borders, and shaping your affairs to fit your needs. We understand the contents in each box, but know the importance of the line that links them. Commercial Trust connects your world.


Time is nothing and everything. It’s your lifeblood, your tool, you understand it, and wish you had more. Its stay on point and get things done. Focus on the present while implementing your plan for the future.

The complex machinery of life, the multiple moving parts, making sense of the chaotic, harnessing the power of organized human effort. It does not just happen. It’s your willpower, vision, and communication skill that make it so. It’s the attitude of action. It’s the mindset of Commercial Trust.

Raise an issue. Ask a question. Think things through. It’s stepping up and being responsible. From the little things to the sweeping events that shape your life. Make that call, get on the plane, see you then, we’ll be there. Get up and go. It’s the hustle, and effort that makes dreams a reality. We’re on it. It’s the spark that separates the few from the many. It’s our driving force. At Commercial Trust, we respond.

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